Scott King Violates Probation, Jailed Without Bail

Released last month on personal recognizance after threatening to murder his wife and another woman, the insurance company executive was caught drinking – in violation of his probation – and was ordered locked up until his next court appearance.

NORTHAMPTON – Disgraced insurance man Scott King, arrested June 1 for threatening to kill his wife and a woman executive at the King & Cushman Insurance Company here, is back in jail, after a judge ordered him held without bail until a hearing next month.

According to his case file at Northampton District Court, King flunked a blood-alcohol test last Thursday ordered by his probation officer, posting a .172 – more than twice the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. Abstaining from alcohol altogether was a key part of the conditions for King’s probation last month after his arrest on two counts of threatening to commit murder. 

(To see Northampton Media’s story on King’s June 1st fall from grace, and a full copy of the damning police report, click here.)

Scott King, whose drinking alcohol last week landed him in jail. (Photo from his Facebook page)

A court clerk said King was not arrested, but appeared at a scheduled Monday hearing in Northampton District Court. There, Judge Bethzaida Sanabria-Vega ordered King held without the right to bail at the Hampshire County Jail until his next court appearance. The clerk told us King’s next court date is July 7. A state Probation Department spokeswoman, however, said King’s hearing is set of Aug. 17.

Last month, police arrested King at a local hotel the day his wife Cheryl obtained a temporary restraining order against him for reasons that are not public. Police reports say King was informed about the order in a phone call from an officer.

According to police reports, King – president and treasurer of King & Cushman Insurance Inc. since 1997 – quickly violated that order by placing several phone calls to her, in which she claimed he threatened to kill her. King, 47, also phoned the firm’s manager, Jill Lesko, and sent her a phone text message stating the desire to kill his wife “and the rest of you [insert a highly derogatory term for women]. All of you. . ..”

At his June arraignment, King, 47, was released on his own recognizance and ordered to stay away from his wife – who had filed a temporary restraining order against him – to refrain from drinking alcohol to attend an alcohol treatment program.

But, court records show, King flunked the blood-alcohol test and “admitted to PO Costello that he drank alcohol today [July 20].” The officer added there was a “rumor that he’d been drinking all weekend” at the Northampton Country Club.

In an interview last month with WHMP-AM radio, Lesko said she hoped King would return to work after alcohol-treatment, saying he is important to the business but struggles with alcohol.

Last Friday, the night after King reportedly flunked his alcohol-test, this reporter spotted King and his wife at The Deck, the outdoor bar at Union Station off Pleasant Street. The two were positioned at opposite ends of the bar.

A friend of King’s reports he has been attending his alcohol treatment and had moved back into the expensive home at 95 Pioneer Knolls in Florence he has shared with his wife and daughters.

King & Cushman was founded by Scott King’s grandfather, Franklin King Jr., in Haydenville in 1926, and is now located at the corner of King and Finn streets. King is listed in company records as the president and treasurer; Cheryl King is listed as secretary.

What this latest development spells for the future of the company, or at least Scott’s role in it, remains unanswered.

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  1. nikinik says:

    Mr. Reid,
    Interesting that you had no problem printing the “highly derogatory term for women” in your first article bashing a person who has served his community for years. I understand that as a “writer”, you have a responsibility to inform the public. In this case, I say shame on you for treading so lightly on a very private and difficult issue for the King family.

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