Funeral Home Pays Back Taxes But Still Faces Investigation

NORTHAMPTON– Northampton Media confirmed with the city treasurer Friday that Drozdal Funeral Home has paid the $43,685 in back taxes that impeded the renewal process for the business’ two funeral director licenses.

The proprietors of the Drozdal Funeral Home have paid their back taxes, but the Board of Health won't renew their permits until a public hearing is held. Its proprietors are under investigation for allegedly forging a burial permit after their license to operate was suspended.

Their licenses expired on April 30, but on May 20 the Board of Health declined to renew them because of the debt owed to the city.

Now that the debt is paid, owners Marie and Karol Drozdal must reapply for funeral director licenses if they wish to obtain them. The Board of Health agreed on Thursday during their monthly meeting that they will take no action until the funeral home reapplies.

They also said that they will not renew the licenses without a public hearing.

This isn’t the first time the Drozdals have been in the news — in 2006, the funeral home, located at 120 Damon Rd., prevailed in a lawsuit involving a man’s body falling from a broken coffin as it was lowered into the grave.

The Drozdals are currently under investigation by police and state officials for allegedly forging a burial certificate so that they could continue to operate after their licenses expired, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

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