Press Release: Fire Chief Cleared of All Allegations

Editor’s note: The following press released was issued by Mayor David Narkewicz today. It announces the release of Human Resources Director Glenda Stoddard’s investigation into a series of complaints lodged against Fire Chief Brian Duggan by the International Association of Firefighters Local 108.

Stoddard’s report can be viewed here.


Mayor David J. Narkewicz

City Hall
210 Main Street Room 12
Northampton, MA  01060-3199
(413) 587-1249

Mayor Releases Investigation Results: Chief Brian Duggan Cleared of Allegations

Mayor David J. Narkewicz released the findings of an investigation into eleven allegations against Fire Chief Brian Duggan forwarded to him by IAFF Local 108, the Northampton Firefighters union on April 5, 2012.

The investigation, conducted by Human Resources Director, Glenda Stoddard, concluded that Chief Duggan has not engaged in misconduct or acted inappropriately in his role as Fire Chief.  Most importantly, the report finds no evidence to support Local 108’s allegations that either public safety or the safety of firefighters has been jeopardized by Chief Duggan. The eleven page report addresses each of the union’s allegations individually and cites city documents to support many of the findings.

Mayor Narkewicz reviewed the report with Chief Duggan earlier today before releasing it. Although investigations of this nature are considered personnel matters and not subject to public disclosure, Chief Brian Duggan requested that the results be publicly released.  Mayor Narkewicz accepted the report’s findings and issued the following brief statement:

“I commend Chief Duggan for his professionalism, composure, and openness throughout this very public investigation of his leadership and reputation, and for his willingness to work with Local 108 to move beyond it. The Local 108 Executive Board and all firefighters need to understand that Chief Duggan has both my confidence and support and will continue to command the Northampton Fire Department. I urge them to refocus, follow the Chief’s example, and work together to move the department forward. Our critical mission of protecting public safety is simply too important for this kind of divisive and unproductive behavior.”


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2 Responses for “Press Release: Fire Chief Cleared of All Allegations”

  1. blunderbuss says:

    Northampton Media, there seems to be much more to this story. Why are you not looking into some of the allegations we’re seeing on Internet forums? Once again, the media in this town is falling into its reluctant “Nothing to see here, folks” habit in its reporting.

  2. tiedyeguy says:

    Is this some sort of joke on the citizens behalf? This neither appears indepdent nor impartial. Well, it didn’t take long for Narkewicz to pick up the reigns of evil in his misguided political attempt to infuriate the firefighters union in their attempt to build a better department and replace their never present when needed pathetic joke of a leader.

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