About Northampton Media

Northampton is a small city with a national profile. We’re renowned for our arts culture, our vibrant downtown, our institutions, our remarkable citizens, and our progressive goals. At the same time, we’re just like any small city in America — struggling to maintain good government in the face of daunting economic, environmental, and social challenges.

National and global issues are playing out right here at home. How will we pay for our schools, infrastructure, and essential services? How can we maintain environmental quality while encouraging economic development? What’s the proper relationship between public government and the private sector? What kind of a community do we want to be?

These questions are central to local democracy. And these are the questions we ask every day here in our newsroom.

At Northampton Media we strive to produce in-depth, well-researched reporting on important civic issues within and around our community, using our professional news-gathering skills, our low-budget resourcefulness, and the full power of the web.

We believe in the values of transparent government, civic engagement, wise urban and environmental planning, social justice, and cultural freedom. We believe that news reporting is central to the mission of preserving our constitutional civil liberties.

We don’t see ourselves as competing with the local newspaper in town, which sends a couple of fine reporters out to cover city council meetings and the courts. Their potential newsroom resources dwarf ours, even as they have chosen to cut back on city beat reporting in recent years to focus upon soft news.

But there are some things that we do better. Armed with audio recorders, digital cameras, laptops, and a functional WordPress website, we dig deeply into city politics and deliver old-fashioned hard news in a way that’s colorful, lively, and new.

Mary Serreze and David Reid comprise the core of the organization. We are reporters, editors, and producers. Reid comes to NM with 30 years of experience in the traditional newsroom, and Serreze brings a formal education in urban planning, a street-level education as a community organizer in Boston, and 20 years of experience in publishing technology, media production, and systems troubleshooting.

We’re in the process of assembling a board of advisors and incorporating a non-profit organization to support ours news mission.